Golden Lion Colombian Cider

From our adventures in South America! Golden Lion Colombian Cider     Late last month while on a family vacation to visit family in Bogota Colombia, we made arrangements to meet up and check out the First and currently only Cidery in Colombia! We got quite a bit more than what we had expected once we got there and were… Read more →

Press Release – Citizen Cider Sugar Free

Citizen Cider Sugar Free     A look into how Citizen Cider is eliminating added sugar from all of their ciders moving forward. Taking a huge step to define the craft cider category, Citizen Cider is leading 
the charge with a new process that focuses on the process of fruit to cider. Burlington, VT. – Citizen Cider, founded in 2010 on… Read more →

Review: Wild Cider Hard Pineapple

  Cider Name: Wild Cider Hard Pineapple Brewer: Rocky Mountain Cider Company  About the Brewer from the Brewer: We spent many years searching for a delicious cider. Since we could not find anything available to satisfy our discerning palate, we decided to create our own version of an exceptional cider.  The search, which started as a hobby, became our true calling and… Read more →

Review: Hazlitt Cider Tree

Cider Name: Cider Tree Brewer: Hazlitt’s Orchard & Cider Crafters (a wholly owned subsidiary of Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards) About the Brewer from the Brewer: Hazlitt’s Orchard & Cider Crafters (a wholly owned subsidiary of Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards) produces locally grown hard ciders in the heart of Naples, New York using select apple varieties grown in our own backyard. Our carefully crafted premium hard ciders are… Read more →

Woodchuck Private Reserve Cherry Review

    Little technical mumbo jumbo (What the label says) 6.9% ALC/VOL Calories: 210 Total Fat: 0g Sodium: 5mg Total Carb: 19g Sugars: 14g Protein: 0g Ingredients: Hard Cider, Cherry Juice and Sulfites.   Because im the kind of person that smells the aroma right after popping the cap off, im even more interested in this woodchuck now that ive… Read more →

Angry Orchard: Orchard’s Edge Press Release

      WALDEN, NEW YORK February 25, 2016 – The cider makers at Angry Orchard today announced national availability of their latest project, the Orchard’s Edge series. The first two hard ciders in the series – Knotty Pear and The Old Fashioned – hit shelves this month. This new series is inspired by unexpected ingredients and aging processes the… Read more →

Review: Woodchuck Cider Day Chaser

  Cider Name: Day Chaser Brewer: Woodchuck Cidery (Middlebury, VT) Draft, can or bottle?: 12 oz bottle (Available in draft, 12 oz bottles and cans) ABV: 5.5% Color: Light Gold Straw Color Available at: Unknown yet. Going to be a core flavor though. Manufacturer’s Description: Day chaser celebrates those adventure seekers that never let a minute slip by. This sessionable cider combines… Read more →

Review: Soultree Ginger Apple

  Cider Name: Ginger Apple Brewer: SoulTree Cider (Whistler, British Columbia, Canada) Draft, can or bottle?: 12 oz (355 mL) can APV: 5.5% Color: Light/Clear Available at: Whole Foods, World Market. Manufacturer’s Description: We believe the old ways are still the best. That’s why we always use genuine cider apples to craft our authentic cider selections. Now, we’ve added a zesty twist of real… Read more →

Review: Sonoma Cider: The Pulley

Cider Name: The Pulley Brewer: Sonoma Beverage Works (Healdsburg, CA) Draft, can or bottle?: 12 oz (355 mL) bottle APV: 6.0% Color: Cloudy, greenish amber Available at: Total Wine and More, other liquor stores. Manufacturer’s Description: Crisp, refreshing apple cider with overtones of black licorice, a hint of anise, the botanical heart of absinthe. Our review: To truly embrace Sonoma Cider’s The Pulley, you have to understand… Read more →

Review: The Infinite Monkey Theorem: Dry Hopped Pear

  Cider Name: Dry Hopped Pear Brewer: The Infinite Monkey Theorem (Denver, CO) Draft, can or bottle?: 250mL can APV: 5.6% Color: Light Gold Available at: Target (Of all places, haven’t seen anywhere else) Manufacturer’s Description: A crisp, dry cider with clear pear flavor. Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops add a light grapefruit note. Pair with sunshine & friends, and anything from BBQ to… Read more →